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Selling Stamps?

I buy Great Britain stamps and Commonwealth and Foreign collections.

Great British Early Items I Wish To Buy

A comprehensive list of my buying requirements will be linked from this page one day (I hope). In the meantime, I am very interested in buying any pre decimal individual stamps that are listed on this site priced at £50.00 and over. Please email me with details. If you have the capability to attach a scan of the item, then this will help in my making an instant offer if the item is required. Please keep the file size small, I will contact you if I need a better image. Good GB single country collections are also required. Lesser priced items may be considered.

Great British Modern Items I Wish To Buy


Mint GB Stamps

As a dealer I need Mint Great British Decimal stamps that are still valid for postage. We will buy collections intact if still in their albums and we will pay 30% of face value. If not in albums we will ONLY except lots that are sorted into values in bags of either 100 or 200 stamps, sheets and part sheets are fine to be left intact, this makes checking much easier. We currently pay the following:

Please contact us for latest buying prices.

Minimum value of stamps that I will buy is £50 of face value. Stamps can have previously been mounted in albums, but all must have at least some gum. I DO NOT buy un-gummed/unused stamps. ½p's cannot be included in the count. Therefore for example, if the face value of a stamp is 11½p, it will be valued at 11p.

In the case of Miniature Sheets, it is the value of the stamps, not the value printed on the sheet, as the extra cost was to go towards funding of International Shows.

Stamps from 1966 to 1970 are very common and really have almost no value, as you can't even use them for postage, though I will buy them if in complete sheets. Please send details for my offer.

Smiler /Generic Sheets - Mint

We currently pay 30% of face value.

GB Presentation Packs

I buy Decimal mint stamps in presentation packs from 1971 to date at 30% of the face value of the stamps. Earlier packs I buy, the price is dependent on our stock levels.

GB Decimal Booklets

I buy Decimal mint stamps in booklets at 30% of the face value of the stamps, except for booklets containing 1st and/or 2nd class stamps, for which I buy at 35% of the face value.

GB First Day Covers

ONLY GB Pre 1970 and 2020 TO DATE FIRST DAY COVERS ARE REQUIRED AT THIS TIME. NO CHANNEL ISLANDS. Email us with details of what you have.


I pay 50p a cover above the face value of the coins for these covers.

GB Phq Cards

PHQ cards from 1973 to 1975, please send details including condition ie mint or used.

Commonwealth and Foreign Items Also Wanted

Whilst I only deal in Great British stamps myself, I have been dealing in stamps for 30 years and so know a network of dealers who are all very active buyers of this material. Generally most items of value are required.

Please offer with details on what you have and your contact details and someone will get back to you.

Are You Thinking Of Putting Your Collection Or Items Into An Auction?

If so, did they tell you all the facts, such as their selling commission from you, now normally 10-15%. Yes they probably did, but I bet they didn't tell you about the buyers premium. This is normally 20% that is added to the buyers bill on top of the hammer price and is not disclosed to the seller. Oh, and there is VAT on top of both.

Therefore, when you eventually get paid, which can be several months after giving them the material, you will actually only receive 65% of the amount the buyer actually paid.

Why Sell To Me?

I sell a huge amount of GB material from this site and am always having to replace depleted stocks. It is better for me to buy directly from the collector than it is going through a third party, such as another dealer or Auction House.

Both will want to make their profit as well. If you have already had an offer from someone, why not contact me to see if I will beat it. It doesn't cost you anything, other than a little bit of time.

Small Lots Or Collections

Smaller lots or collections need to be sent to me. If you do wish to proceed, please see postal instructions below. Please advise though before sending any material and please adhere to my minimum purchase value for mint stamps for postage as shown above. Failure to do this, may result in my returning the items to you, less a deduction of material to cover the return postage costs.

Large Bulky Lots or High Value Lots

If your lot is valuable and bulky then I may arrange for my Courier to collect it at my expense. Should you then reject my offer the goods would be returned to you. Finally if you are local to me then a home visit maybe arranged.


Please click here to contact me via the Feedback Form. You can of cause, write or phone with details if you prefer. Payment is usually by return by UK cheque and only in Pounds Sterling. I can also pay through Paypal if you wish, again only in Pounds Sterling. Please email me before sending anything.

Overseas Senders Must Note The Following:

My GB VAT number - GB 563324745 must be clearly marked on the package (not on the Customs Label) in large easy to read print. Failure to do this, will result in either my not collecting the item, in which case, it will be returned to you in about a month or so by your carrier, or my paying the Customs charge and then deducting it from the amount I owe you.

Any packages sent to me should be addressed to:

BB Stamps Ltd
PO Box 6267
RG14 9NZ

If the sending is large and you intend to use a courier, then please contact me to request a physical address to post, as couriers cannot deliver to the PO Box. Also please use a signed for upon receipt postal service, as proof of posting is not proof that I have received it.