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King George 5 1912-24 Royal Cypher Specialised Shades

PLEASE NOTE - When comparing prices, ours are based on 35 years experience backed up by a reference collection containing well in excess of 5000 RPS certified examples. Certain online auction sites are full of wishful thinking sellers who always seem to have the better shades available very cheaply, these are of course wrong 99.9% of the time.

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Royal Cypher Specialised ½D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N14-1 Scott: ½d Green
SG: N14-2 Scott: ½d Deep Green
SG: N14-3 Scott: ½d Pale Green
SG: N14-4 Scott: ½d Very Pale Green
SG: N14-5 Scott: ½d Very Deep Green
SG: N14-6 Scott: ½d Bright Green
SG: N14-7 Scott: ½d Deep Bright Green
SG: N14-8 Scott: ½d Yellow Green
SG: N14-9 Scott: ½d Dull Yellow (Apple) Green
SG: N14-10 Scott: ½d Cyprus Green
SG: N14-11 Scott: ½d Bright Yellow Green
SG: N14-12 Scott: ½d Olive Green
SG: N14-13 Scott: ½d Pale Olive Green
SG: N14-14 Scott: ½d Blue Green
SG: N14-15 Scott: ½d Deep Blue (Myrtle) Green
SG: N14-16 Scott: ½d Deep Myrtle Green
SG: N14-17 Scott: ½d Cobalt Green
SG: N14-18 Scott: ½d Deep Cobalt Green
SG: N15-1 Scott: ½d Bright Green (Good Perfs)
SG: N15-2 Scott: ½d Green (Good Perfs)

Royal Cypher Specialised 1D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N16-1 Scott: 1d Bright Scarlet
SG: N16-2 Scott: 1d Deep Bright Scarlet
SG: N16-3 Scott: 1d Scarlet
SG: N16-4 Scott: 1d Deep Scarlet
SG: N16-5 Scott: 1d Brick Red
SG: N16-6 Scott: 1d Deep Brick Red
SG: N16-7 Scott: 1d Vermilion
SG: N16-8 Scott: 1d Pale Red
SG: N16-9 Scott: 1d Pale Rose-Red
SG: N16-10 Scott: 1d Pink
SG: N16-10a Scott: 1d Carmine
SG: N16-11 Scott: 1d Carmine Red
SG: N16-12 Scott: 1d Bright Carmine Red
SG: N16-13 Scott: 1d Deep Carmine Red
SG: N16-14 Scott: 1d Scarlet-Vermilion
SG: N16-15 Scott: 1d Orange Vermilion
SG: N16-16 Scott: 1d Deep Orange Vermilion
SG: N17-1 Scott: 1d Scarlet (Good Perfs)
SG: N17-2 Scott: 1d Dull Scarlet (Good Perfs)
SG: N17-3 Scott: 1d Bright Scarlet (F) ( Only exists with trimmed / slightly trimmed perfs )

Royal Cypher Specialised 1½D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N18-1 Scott: 1½d Red Brown
SG: N18-2 Scott: 1½d Pale Red Brown
SG: N18-3 Scott: 1½d Deep Red Brown
SG: N18-4 Scott: 1½d Very Deep Red Brown
SG: N18-5 Scott: 1½d Chocolate Brown
SG: N18-6 Scott: 1½d Deep Chocolate Brown
SG: N18-7 Scott: 1½d Chocolate
SG: N18-8 Scott: 1½d Brown
SG: N18-9 Scott: 1½d Pale Brown
SG: N18-10 Scott: 1½d Yellow Brown
SG: N18-11 Scott: 1½d Deep Yellow Brown
SG: N18-12 Scott: 1½d Bright Yellow Brown
SG: N18-13 Scott: 1½d Chestnut
SG: N18-14 Scott: 1½d Bright Chestnut
SG: N18-15 Scott: 1½d Orange Brown
SG: N18-16 Scott: 1½d Bright Orange Brown

Royal Cypher Specialised 2D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N19-1 Scott: 2d Orange-yellow (Die 1)
SG: N19-2 Scott: 2d Reddish Orange (Die 1)
SG: N19-3 Scott: 2d Deep Reddish Orange (I)
SG: N19-4 Scott: 2d Pale Orange (I)
SG: N19-5 Scott: 2d Orange (Die 1)
SG: N19-6 Scott: 2d Brown Orange (I)
SG: N19-7 Scott: 2d Bright Orange (Die 1)
SG: N19-8 Scott: 2d Deep Bright Orange (I)
SG: N19-9 Scott: 2d Intense Bright Orange (I)
SG: N20-1 Scott: 2d Orange (Die 2)
SG: N20-2 Scott: 2d Pale Orange (II)
SG: N20-3 Scott: 2d Deep Orange (II)
SG: N20-4 Scott: 2d Bright Orange (II)

Royal Cypher Specialised 2½D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N21-1 Scott: 2½d Cobalt Blue
SG: N21-2 Scott: 2½d Cobalt Violet Blue
SG: N21-3 Scott: 2½d French Blue
SG: N21-4 Scott: 2½d Bright Blue
SG: N21-5 Scott: 2½d Deep Bright Blue
SG: N21-6 Scott: 2½d Milky Blue
SG: N21-7 Scott: 2½d Pale Milky Blue
SG: N21-8 Scott: 2½d Powder Blue
SG: N21-9 Scott: 2½d Violet Blue
SG: N21-10 Scott: 2½d Blue
SG: N21-11 Scott: 2½d Pale Blue
SG: N21-12 Scott: 2½d Deep Blue
SG: N21-13 Scott: 2½d Dull Blue
SG: N21-14 Scott: 2½d Indigo Blue. ( SG. 373 )
SG: N21-15 Scott: 2½d Indigo Blue (Toned)
SG: N21-16 Scott: 2½d Royal Blue
SG: N21-17 Scott: 2½d Dull Prussian Blue
SG: N21-18 Scott: 2½d Dull Prussian Blue on Toned paper
SG: N21-19 Scott: 2½d Ultramarine

Royal Cypher Specialised 3D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N22-1 Scott: 3d Reddish Violet
SG: N22-2 Scott: 3d Dull Reddish Violet
SG: N22-3 Scott: 3d Violet
SG: N22-4 Scott: 3d Pale Violet
SG: N22-5 Scott: 3d Very Pale Violet
SG: N22-6 Scott: 3d Bright Violet
SG: N22-7 Scott: 3d Bluish Violet
SG: N22-8 Scott: 3d Lavender Violet
SG: N22-9 Scott: 3d Dull Violet
SG: N22-10 Scott: 3d Very Deep Violet
SG: N22-11 Scott: 3d Heliotrope
SG: N22-12 Scott: 3d Brownish Violet

Royal Cypher Specialised 4D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N23-1 Scott: 4d Grey Green
SG: N23-2 Scott: 4d Pale Grey Green
SG: N23-3 Scott: 4d Deep Grey Green
SG: N23-4 Scott: 4d Slate Green
SG: N23-5 Scott: 4d Pale Slate Green
SG: N23-6 Scott: 4d Bluish Grey Green
SG: N23-7 Scott: 4d Deep Slate Green

Royal Cypher Specialised 5D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N25-1 Scott: 5d Brown
SG: N25-2 Scott: 5d Reddish Brown
SG: N25-3 Scott: 5d Yellow Brown
SG: N25-4 Scott: 5d Ochre Brown
SG: N25-5 Scott: 5d Ginger Brown
SG: N25-6 Scott: 5d Bistre Brown

Royal Cypher Specialised 6D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N26-1 Scott: 6d Dull Purple
SG: N26-2 Scott: 6d Slate Purple
SG: N26-3 Scott: 6d Reddish Purple
SG: N26-4 Scott: 6d Pale Reddish Purple
SG: N26-5 Scott: 6d Deep Reddish Purple
SG: N26-6 Scott: 6d Purple
SG: N26-7 Scott: 6d Rosy Mauve
SG: N26-8 Scott: 6d Plum
SG: N26-e Scott: 6d Reddish Purple (Perf 14)

Royal Cypher Specialised 7D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N27-1 Scott: 7d Olive
SG: N27-2 Scott: 7d Olive-Grey
SG: N27-3 Scott: 7d Bronze Green
SG: N27-4 Scott: 7d Sage Green

Royal Cypher Specialised 8D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N28-1 Scott: 8d Black/Yellow
SG: N28-2 Scott: 8d Black/Yellow-Buff (Granite)

Royal Cypher Specialised 9D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N29-1 Scott: 9d Agate
SG: N29-2 Scott: 9d Pale Agate
SG: N29-3 Scott: 9d Deep Agate
SG: N29-4 Scott: 9d Very Deep Agate
SG: N30-1 Scott: 9d Olive Green
SG: N30-2 Scott: 9d Pale Olive Green
SG: N30-3 Scott: 9d Deep Olive Green

Royal Cypher Specialised 10D Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N31-1 Scott: 10d Bright Turquoise Blue
SG: N31-2 Scott: 10d Turquoise Blue
SG: N31-3 Scott: 10d Deep Turquoise Blue
SG: N31-4 Scott: 10d Greenish Blue
SG: N31-5 Scott: 10d Dull Greenish Blue

Royal Cypher Specialised 1/- Values

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: N32-1 Scott: 1/- Bistre
SG: N32-2 Scott: 1/- Pale Bistre-Brown
SG: N32-3 Scott: 1/- Deep Bistre-Brown
SG: N32-4 Scott: 1/- Buff-Brown
SG: N32-5 Scott: 1/- Pale Buff-Brown
SG: N32-6 Scott: 1/- Fawn-Brown
SG: N32-7 Scott: 1/- Bistre-Brown
SG: N32-8 Scott: 1/- Pale Bistre
SG: N32-9 Scott: 1/- Olive-Brown
SG: N32-10 Scott: 1/- Deep Bronze-Brown
SG: N32-11 Scott: 1/- Yellow Brown