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Post And Go / Fast Stamps


Notes for collectors using the Stanley Gibbons GB One Country Album (2018 Supplement which came out in 2019)


The Stanley Gibbons GB One Country Album is intended to form a simplified collection which concerning Post & Go stamps does not take account of any particular value type. Where a stamp exists in more than one ‘Type’, e.g. Type I, II and IIA, there is only space for any one of them.


The album page illustration is only a representation of the stamp in question (e.g. Worldwide up to 40g Machin Post & Go with date code) and may not look exactly the same as the version sourced to put on the page. Pictures are sometimes of a past issue just re-used for convenience, or taken from a pre-issue Royal Mail press release. Collectors should not attempt to match their stamp to the picture on the page entirely.


Ideally, the quoted catalogue-number stamp should be placed in the space, although there may be times when a sub-type (with, for example, an ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘ba’ suffix) will suffice.

If you have any difficulty please e-mail or telephone your enquiry.