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Queen Elizabeth


GB Queen Elizabeth II ( QEII ) Stamps.


In 1952 Queen Elizabeth II succeeded her father to the Throne therefore new stamps were needed. This resulted in a collection of stamps on  a theme that came to be known as the Wilding issues. Wilding stamps were used until June 1967 and then replaced with Machin issues were. The Machin Stamp is a very simple design, a profile of the Queen on a solid colour background, and very popular, still being the standard British stamp.


Commemorative stamps then began to during the 1950s and early 1960s. New criteria was issued in 1965 for what could appear on stamps by Postmaster General Tony Benn, after which a compromise of a small silhouette of the Queen based on the coinage head of Mary Gillick, was accepted, this standard ever since for commemorative stamps.


Below you can find all our categories for the Queen Elizabeth II ( QEII ) Stamps that we list including everything from the first Wilding Stamps to the Present day Machin Stamps, Post & Go Stamps and Much more.