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Guernsey Wartime Issues

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: G 1-3 Scott: ½d - 2½d Arms Basic Set Of 3
SG: G 1 Scott: N1 ½d Light Green
SG: G 1a Scott: ½d Emerald
SG: G 1b Scott: ½d Bluish green
SG: G 1c Scott: ½d Bright green
SG: G 1d Scott: ½d Dull green
SG: G 1e Scott: ½d Olive green
SG: G 1f Scott: ½d Pale yellow green
SG: G 2 Scott: N2 1d Scarlet
SG: G 2a Scott: 1d Pale Vermilion
SG: G 2b Scott: 1d Carmine
SG: G 3 Scott: N3 2½d Ultramarine
SG: G 3a Scott: 2½d Pale ultramarine
SG: G 4 Scott: N4 ½d Blue Banknote Paper
SG: G 5 Scott: N5 1d Blue Banknote Paper
SG: G 1-5comp Scott: Complete Set of 14 Wartime Issues Including All Shades