Decimal Machin Errors & Varieties


This section is offered by BB STAMPS LTD in association with John M. Deering (Modern GB and Specialised Machin dealer).


The catalogue numbers quoted are mostly from the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Concise Stamp catalogue (X, Y and U). Sometimes, and particularly for more specialised stamps, the Stanley Gibbons Great Britain Specialised Volume 4 Catalogue numbers (prefixed spec) or Connoisseur Catalogue numbers (prefixed CC) are also quoted within the item description.

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: X858var Scott: 3½p FCP/PVAD 2B Deep olive-brown colour error (faulty ink mix), SG spec U116(2), CC 131. Rare. (JMD)
SG: U48h Scott: ½p FCP/PVA with complete BROAD BAND LEFT phosphor error (usually a two banded stamp). Ex. Wedgwood ½p left band pane. With small part of pane attached for added provenance. Rarely available. SG spec U48h, CC 53BB. (JMD)