Jersey Regional Stamps or Country Definitives.


With the exception of the ​2 12d issue which was designed by Edmund Blampied, The Jersey stamps were designed by William Gardner. Jersey and Guernsey became postally independent in October 1969 and in turn each issued their own inaugural series of stamps.





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Jersey Wartime Arms Definitive Issues

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: J 1 Scott: N1 ½d Green
SG: J 2 Scott: N2 1d Scarlet
SG: J 1-2 Scott: ½d Green & 1d Scarlet Basic set of 2
SG: J 1d Scott: ½d Green on Grey Paper
SG: J 2d Scott: 1d Scarlet on Chalky Paper
SG: J 2e Scott: 1d Scarlet on Grey Paper

Jersey Wartime Views Definitive Issues

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: J 3 Scott: N3 ½d Green
SG: J 3a Scott: N3a ½d Green on Rough Paper
SG: J 4 Scott: N4 1d Scarlet
SG: J 4a Scott: N4a 1d Scarlet on Newsprint Paper
SG: J 5 Scott: N5 1½d Brown
SG: J 6 Scott: N6 2d Orange
SG: J 7 Scott: N7 2½d Blue
SG: J 7a Scott: N7a 2½d Blue on Newsprint Paper
SG: J 8 Scott: N8 3d Violet
SG: J 3-8 Scott: ½d - 3d Views Basic Set of 6.
SG: J 1-8complete Scott: Complete Set of All Wartime Paper Type Issues. 14 Stamps as listed above. (Picture Shown is just for illustration)

Jersey Pre Independent Postal Admin. 1958-69 Photogravure By Harrisons

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: J 9 Scott: 1 2½d Red
SG: J 10 Scott: 2 3d Lilac (AOP)
SG: J 10p Scott: 2p 3d Lilac (Phosphor Centre Band)
SG: J 11 Scott: 3 4d Blue
SG: J 11p Scott: 3p 4d Blue (2 Phosphor Bands)
SG: J 12 Scott: 4 4d Brown
SG: J 13 Scott: 5 4d Red (centre band)
SG: J 14 Scott: 6 5d Royal Blue (2 bands)
SG: J 9-14 SET Scott: J 9 / 14 SET OF 8 VALUES AS LISTED Does Not Include Additional Paper Type

Additonal Paper Type

SG Scott Description
Price Options
SG: J10 - 1 Scott: 2 3d Deep Lilac
SG: J10 - 2 Scott: 2 3d Dull Reddish Lilac
SG: J 10 Cream Scott: 3d Lilac (Cream Paper)
SG: J 10 white Scott: 3d Lilac (White Paper)