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Welcome to what I believe to be the most comprehensive Great British Stamps website there is anywhere in the World, but you can decide.
I hope you enjoy the site and welcome any feedback you may have, even if it is negative, though I reserve the right to send the boys round if it is negative!


Please browse the site in any way you want. I don't think that you can break it!
The site is laid out in sections. Firstly by Reign and then sub divided from there. There is also an A-Z index and a search engine (see links at the top of the Stamp Index Page or most other pages)
You can move about the site very easily using the links panels at the top of every page. There are normally either 2 or 3 main panels as below. The top of every page has standard links which include the Shopping cart and Checkout Links.

The first panel is for other Information links you might want, ie Postage costs.

The second panel is to the main top level links on the site. One of these Links may be coloured by a red border. This tells you what section you are in. The Border colour will only change is you are using Internet explorer.
The example below shows as being in the Queen Victoria section of the site.

The third panel called Quick links are to localized links. The example below shows by the Large Black Border that you are in the Surface Printed Section.
The quick links will take you to any other related section. Some Quick Links Panels will also show buttons for both Concise and Collect GB Stamps. If these buttons are displayed, then you can swap between them to display whichever Catalogue format you collect by.
In the example below, it is shown as being in the Concise display mode.


contact me stamp Grading postage charges terms and conditions Order by Post


Victoria Edward 7 George 5 Edward 8 George 6 Queen Elizabeth
Commemoratives Selected Items Channel Islands Bargains Special Offers



There is a link near the top of almost every page that will take you to my A - Z Index Page.
This page contains links to every section and page of the site.


The Search Facility on this site is displayed near the top of almost every page.
You can use the search to look for items by word(s), ie entering Flowers will return every item on the site where the word flowers is in the description.
You can search for a complete Years issues by simply entering a year. This works for all stamps issued after 2006, but not for all issues prior.
You can search by Stanley Gibbons or Scott numbers.
Have a play with it if you want. Don't worry, you can't break it!!!


The One Click ordering system is exactly what it implies. Click on a price and the item will be added to the Shopping Basket. If you are using Internet Explorer, it will also change the price colour to Yellow and will stay Yellow until you leave the site, so you can see exactly what you have placed into the basket. (This function is dependent on your browser cookie settings)
I hope that you will find this useful in helping you to see which items you have already ordered.
If you want more than one of any item, simply change the quantity by clicking the Shopping Cart link found near the top of almost every page. If you have then completed your selection, follow through to checkout. 
The shopping Basket will be displayed near the top of every page. You may need to scroll the box by using the small scroll bar on the right hand side of the cart in order to see all your items or the total.
If you want to clearly see a full list of items in the Basket then you can click the SHOPPING CART Button at any time for this.


The Checkout System on this site is run by Roman Cart, one of the largest companies in the world offering Shopping Cart Systems.
I can take payment by any of these methods - any major Credit/Debit Card, Paypal, UK drawn Cheque, GBP Bank Draft or Bank Transfer.
If a Credit / Debit Card option is chosen, then you will be directed to Sage Pay (A secure Payment Gateway) to complete your Payment.
Paypal paying customers can use the Paypal Express Payment option.
As mentioned above, I can also take payment with a GB Cheque, Bank Draft in GB Sterling, Bank Transfer in GB Sterling and GB Cash.
Click on the SHOPPING CART or GO TO CHECKOUT links located near the top of almost every page and just complete each payment step as you require.
You must tick a box to indicate you have read my terms and conditions.
Just above this box, there are two other boxes, one is for the system to remember your name and address details and the other is to be removed from our email update list. The the email update box is left ticked, then you will receive email notices about the site from time to time. If you wish to be removed from this list, then just email me back from one of these emails and enter REMOVE in the subject line.
Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email confirmation containing all your order details and if you have made a payment , a confirmation of the payment.
If you have chosen a payment option that has not taken you to Sage Pay, then the final page will contain details on how to make your payment.
You will also receive an email with these instructions.
Please make sure you have entered your email address correctly, as this will be used for all contact to you.

IMPORTANT: For all orders, other than Credit / Debit Card payments, you must click on the continue button at the bottom of the Roman Cart Completed order page, as this will then return you to the final page of my site and complete the order.

If you fail to receive any confirmation emails within 24 hours, then it will mean that there is some reason why the automatic system has not been able to send them to you.
Please email me and I will try to send them to you manually.

In certain cases I will accept payment in Mint GB Decimal stamps, but you will need to contact me regarding this first.
 If you prefer to place an order by post, please click on the Red Coloured ORDER BY POST link in the Top Links Panel for details of the options that are available.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope that you enjoy the experience of viewing and hopefully ordering from my website.

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