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Cookie policy

Cookies are small text files which websites may create and place on your computer when you visit the website. Cookies are used by computer systems in a number of ways.
Some cookies are essential to the way that the website operates. For example the StampsforSale website uses cookies when customers use the shopping basket. Other cookies are used by third party services such as Roman Cart, our shopping Cart provider and Google Analytics which help us to monitor our site.
Our shopping cart, provided by Roman Cart, also stores an optional Persistant cookie if you click 'Remember Me' in the Checkout. This is used purely to store your Name and Contact Details so you don't have to keep filling in the form every time you shop with us..
You can choose to disable cookies on your computer. If you wish to do that then refer to your system documentation for details on blocking cookies.
But note that you would then be unable to use the Stamps for Sale shopping basket or cart.
It is important to realise that that if you disable cookies on your computer for a specific website then you are also disabling all cookies on all websites you visit!
All cookies used by the Stamps for Sale website expire after a short time other than the one used by Roman Cart if you click the remember me button. Any information that they are carrying is then destroyed.


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