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There are a few different ways of ordering by post, please choose whichever you prefer. Use one of these options if you want to pay by Cheque, Cash or Credit/Debit Card, if you are unhappy about using our online payment methods.

1. By far the simplest method for you. I know it looks complicated, but it really isn't and it will make life really easy once you try it and get used to it!

Please use the site in the normal way, that is using the one click ordering system (click a price) to add items to the Shopping Basket.

The Shopping Basket will be visible in a new window although it may sometimes be hidden behind other open windows. You can bring it to the front at any time by clicking it on your explorer bar at the bottom of your screen.

Once you have finished making you selections, click the Shopping Cart button in the Shopping Basket Window and then check your order as shown there. You can remove items from it at this point if you have made any mistakes.

Then once you are satisfied, you can then do one of two things:
(a) You can print the Shopping Cart using the Print Cart Button and post it along with your details and payment. Please remember to look at my Terms and Conditions and Postage Costs pages. There are links on the main Window near the top of any page.
(b) Click the Go to Checkout button.
On this page, you are asked to enter your details unless you are a logged in member, in which case they should be automatically filled in for you using the details you used to register as a member.

You should then read the terms and Conditions (see the link) and then you must tick the box to say to that you have read and accept them. If you have read them before and are happy to continue, then you only need to tick the box. If you don't tick this box, the programme will not allow you to continue with the order.

Tick your preferred method of Postal Service.

In the Order by Post box, please tick your preferred payment option and finally click the ORDER BY POST button.

You will then see a final page with instructions that will depend on which payment option you picked.
If you have entered a valid email address you will receive an email with your order details and confirmation that we have received your order.

And that's it. 

2. Just write out your own order in a letter and post it to me with your payment by UK cheque, GB cash or Credit/Debit card. Please remember that for card payments, I will need the long number through the middle of the card, the expiry date, start date if you have one, issue number if you have one and finally the three digit security code on the back of the card (last three digits on your signature strip).

3. Use our Printed Order form and post it to me. Please use the browser print command (at the top of this window) to print out the form.
(Don't worry! It will print the form. You just can't see it, clever or what!)
4. All too much like hard work. Then just pick up the phone and give me a ring. Details are on the Home page.

Please note the following if you wish to pay by Cheque

Please make your cheque payable to MARK SARGENT STAMPS and send to:

Please allow enough to cover the cost of the postage charges and allow more for bulky lots.

Please mark your cheque as the example below. I will then fill in the total. By doing this, it will save on my having to issue you with a credit or refund should anything not be in stock. 

Cheques will have to clear before I release the goods for new customers.

Example Cheque
The total value of your stamp order is 55.00. You choose Recorded Delivery as your postage option. So, as long as the order is not bulky, the total should come to 56.10

so, please fill in your cheque as shown, with NOT TO EXCEED.....

By entering this, you are limiting the amount that can be entered.
It stops me putting in a few hundred thousand and retiring to the Bahamas!

If you are not happy to do this, then complete it for the total amount, though I may have to issue you with a credit note or refund. 

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