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 The first payment or 20% (whichever is the smaller) is a non-refundable deposit. All payments are split roughly equally between the months.
  (This will hopefully deter time wasters, of which, I regret, there are a few)

You can buy any single item or set priced at 50.00 or more listed on this site and pay for it/them over a maximum period of 6 months, with a minimum payment of 25.00 a month. There is no interest to pay. The price stated is the price you pay, plus postage.

If you order an item from any of my pictured sections, then please print or copy the image for your records. This will be the item that will be saved for you. Items from my general price lists will be selected once full payment has been made.

All item are only sent once full payment has been made, except by prior arrangement. The full refund and returns policy is from this date.

Payments can be made by any accepted credit / debit cards or by post dated cheques. Payments are taken for the 1st or 15th or soon after for each month.

If you use the shopping cart and checkout system on the site to place the order, then you must state EASY PAYMENT OPTION and the time you wish to pay over in the comments box found on the check out page.

You must choose any payment option other than credit / debit card or paypal even if one of these is the way you want to pay.
This is because the checkout  system will take the full payment there and then if you choose one of these methods.
Complete the order and I will then contact you with ways to pay and monthly payment cost. 

Easy payment orders can also be sent by post or phone.



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